Inktober 2019 – Enchanted

People who know me, I dig old cars and yards since I was a kid. A place of broken dreams and hope. A place of individual story’s. A place of abstract forms. A place of a strange enchantment for me where I can wander for hours… One of the best moments was in 2013 when I was visiting California and found this yard close to San Francisco.

My brother told me about it years before that and showed me Fotos. The car that struck me, was a rough 1949 Buick Roadmaster. Missing its roof and all round bad shape. … but in my eyes it told a story and wundert how all that happened to it? Why the missing roof? Why a flame paint job only on one side Aso. … so in 2013 I had my chance and it was still there!

I took tons of Fotos of it and for some reason it left such a mark in me, that it became a character in my MA animation film and comics. … also I went wandering through that yard for at least two hours until friends dragged me out again haha. … sadly a year later I got note that the yard closed down and all the cars where gone.

I have no idea if the Roadmonster survived it … but it will live on in my works.

Tristan Wilder

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