Brösel – The reason why I wanted to become a Comicartist

Yesterday I had the chance to see and meet the man who made me want to become a comicartist. Brösel.

My father brought me into his first cartoon movie Werner – Beinhart when I was around 9 Years old. I had always been drawing but this movie changed my life. It was part animation and part live action … so at one point you see him drawing his comic in a garage between his motorbike and Oldtimer. I saw that and said to me, I want to be a comicartist!

The same night I drew my first Charakter and it never stopped.

… I have been waiting nearly 30 years for this moment to say thank you and tell him my story. I also brought along some art from me for him and also an old McDonalds newspaper from when the movie came out and drew pictures from it.

He was kind to sign it and also took the time for a small chat. I can still not believe that this really happened.

Thank you Brösel!